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Cairo Guitar Collective


The Egyptian Composers Project

The Egyptian Composers Project was funded by a grant from the American University in Cairo. CGC commissioned the compositions on this album in 2018. If you are interested in performing any of these works, please email the contact on this site for more information.



Karim Frège, (b. 1960) *     

1. The Silk Road, Theme

2. The Silk Road, Variation I

3. The Silk Road, Variation II

4. The Silk Road, Variation III

5. The Silk Road, Variation IV

6. The Silk Road, Variation V

7. The Silk Road, Finale         


Amr Okba (b. 1972) *

8. A Case of Meditation


Bahaa El Ansary (b. 1991) **                     

9. Love the sounds, which sounds, as it sounds


Ashraf Fouad (b. 1958) **

10. Tre Angoli, Los Angeles

11. Tre Angoli, Mansoura

12. Tre Angoli, Silesia


* Performed by Chelsea Green (guitar) & Pawel Kuźma (guitar)

** Performed by Taha El Mansy (oud & guitar), Chelsea Green (guitar) & Pawel Kuźma (guitar)


All tracks were recorded, mixed & mastered by Ahmed Hossam Refai. Graphic art was designed by Frank Bartscheck. The duets were recorded in Vibe Studio, Cairo and the trios in AUC's Malak Gabr Theater, Cairo.


CGC thanks Mohamed Abou Rehab, Lobna Ali, Frank Bartscheck, Tania Kamal El Din, Terri Ginsberg, Mary Green, Stuart Green, Amy Motlagh, Noha Radwan, Mai Rashdan, Red Poppy Art House, Neill Sullivan, LaJon Mike Survillion, Amr Taha, Bonnie Yates & Peter Yates. © 2018.

East LA Phase by Wayne Seigel
Cuba by Isaac Albéniz
Sonatina No. 1 by Jean Sibelius
London Trio No 1, Finale by Joseph Haydn
Modinhas brasilieras by Celso Machado
Trio No. 1 by James Phillipsen
from Le Cinq Doigts by Igor Stravinsky
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