Fall Program 2017 - Baroque Inspired (see below for repertoire ideas)

      - Start practicing 1 Sept. 2017

      - Performances 1 Dec. 2017 - 24 Dec. 2017

Break - 25 Dec. 2017-1 Feb. 2018

Spring Program 2018 - New Works by Egyptian Composers (and possibly composers living in Egypt)

      - Start practicing 1 Feb. 2018

      - Performances 1 May 2018 - 30 May 2018

      - Record the program in May 2018 as well. I hope to get money to pay us for recording as part of the grant.

      - My hope is that this will become a US, MENA, European tour.  

      - The tour may be in May 2018 and extend into September/October 2018 as well.

      - Egyptian composers to commission: Ashraf Fouad, Amr Okba, Bahaa El Ansary, Karim Frege (Baboukis, Kuzma, Mora)

      - Composer competition. 



These following are just ideas. If you have time, and/or want to, please listen to these pieces and see if you like them. Also, feel free to recommend pieces you may want to add to this program.



  • Bach - Orchestral Suite No. 2, BWV 1067 in B minor (quartet)

    • ​

  • Arvo Part - Summa (quartet)


  • Piazzolla - Tango (arr. by Pawel)


  • Shady's transcriptions of Egyptian composer's music (this could be good in the Spring 2018 program as well)

  • Vivaldi - anything (trio or quartet)

  • Opera excerpts (with a singer)

  • Castiglioni - Come io passo l'estate (duet, arr. by Chelsea and Pawel)

  • Chopin

GROUP EXPECTATIONS/PROFESSIONALISM - Created on May 30, 2017 by Mora, Nagy, Zakaraya, Kuzma and Green.


  • All members receive a calendar of rehearsal goals at the beginning of the semester, created by Pawel.

  • All members receive a calendar of upcoming concerts to be booked months ahead of time, created by Chelsea.

  • CGC will perform between 3-5 concerts per semester.

  • CGC will only perform for money (unless there is something we all agree is important to do for free).


  • Be on time. Ideally, we should be set up, tuned and ready to play at the rehearsal start-time.

  • Bring your prepared scores (Pawel has offered to prepare them) and a pencil for notes.

  • Have your assigned musical parts learned by the time stated on the schedule, or by Pawel himself.

  • Be positive. If there is a problem speak to Chelsea and/or Pawel.

  • Focus on music-making at rehearsals. If you must speak about non-musical things, please do so at the appropriate time. 

  • Record rehearsals occasionally.


  • AUC (2 concerts maybe for the money)

  • Bibliotheca

  • Jesuit Church in Alex.

  • American Uni. in Beirut

  • Hurgada

  • GUC

  • Soft Power Productions

  • CAC (High schools)